Why do I need Form 16?

Who are paying income tax every year should have to fill up and submit Form 16 with tax file. You can download From 16 online from the official website of income tax department or you can also download from the link we have given here.

What is Form 16?

Before we just go to the details about why do you need to submit form 16, we would have to prefer you to know everything about the form sixteen.

Form sixteen is the certificate from your employer if you are a salaried person. If you are working in any company, industry or any other workplace where you get monthly salary then you need to submit this form with your income tax file.

Who needs to submit Form 16?

So, form 16 is the certificate which describes your TDS (Tax Deducted at Source). That means if you get your salary by deducting income tax from it then you must have to submit this form. Form sixteen is having two parts, Form 16A and Form 16B.

Understanding Form 16A:

Form sixteen A has some important details about you including name & address of your employer, PAN of employee, PAN & TAN of an employer, quarterly summary details of your TDS which should certify by the employer. It also has an assessment of year, a time period of your employment and other details about your employment.

Understanding Form 16B:

The form sixteen B also has some important documents and details about your employment status and employer. You should have to fill all the details like salary paid by employer and salary deduction allowed by income tax act under chapter VIA.

If you have changed your job in a year with the different company, you need to submit more than one form. If you changed 3 jobs in one year then you must submit three form sixteen with your return.

So, form sixteen A & form sixteen B both are very important to submit with your income tax return. You can download Form 16 from the DownloadForm.net where you get a pdf file of the forms.